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Midlife Marriage: let's get real

These pre-recorded workshops were originally presented during Midlife Mastery weekly coaching sessions. In addition to answering questions relating to individual dilemmas, I often bring new material to enrich your experience.

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Midlife Marriage:
Let's get real

Is this marriage salvageable?

Is the marriage broken?
 Or is the broken marriage a symptom of your Midlife discontent?
Find out before you throw it all away

In the past 25 years, the divorce rate for Americans in Midlife, what we are now calling “grey divorce”, has more than doubled.

I bet that doesn’t really surprise you, does it?

Everything is changing in Midlife. Children are growing up and growing out. You’re questioning not only who are but who you want to be. And the dynamic between you and your spouse has shifted, maybe not necessarily for the better.

It all looks good to the outside world. But it doesn’t feel good inside. 

Every marriage goes through seasons but perhaps the toughest is during Midlife. You’re not alone. So, the real question is: can you get your marriage back on track?

That's a decision only you can make but armed with some fresh perspective and some actionable tools, you'll have a fighting chance. 

Because if you're like most women struggling in Midlife I meet, one of the biggest HURDLES that keeps you feeling stuck, sad, and lost is that gnawing question: 

You'll learn the 5 phases of a long-term marriage. Discover where you are now, where you want to be and how to get there.

You'll discover the elements of a fulfilling marriage. You want to feel heard, desired and valued. You're not asking too much.

I'll show you the #1 relationship myth that is preventing you from making progress in your relationship.

You'll find your marriage WHY. You're staying for a reason. When you're honest with yourself about what that is, you'll have a renewed sense of purpose.

You'll determine how to reignite the spark and why "spark" isn't sex.

But..let’s talk about sex, baby. You don't want to just live with a roommate.

You'll set your personal marriage objectives by the end of the workshop.

It doesn't have to be this way...

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Midlife Marriage: Let's get Real

The Best Version of you

Now is the time to break your bad habits once and for all. And more importantly, it's time to create a vision for the best version of your self and make her a reality.

In this workshop, I'll introduce you to three of my signature tools.
Using these three strategies together becomes an anchor for positive behavior changes.

When you take external actions and reframe as parts of your personal code, you feel infinitely more powerful and in control of the choices you are making. Sticking with this coordination of activities will start to rewire your brain and the payoff and sense of accomplishment will be so fulfilling.

We are creatures of habit. Unfortunately, we apply that characteristic more often to bad habits than good.

Isn't it time to be your best self?

Learn how to replace your bad habits with good habits, once and for all.

Investigate exactly what qualities you would like to see in yourself and learn how to create a personal mantra that fortifies those habits.

Learn a simple but highly effective tool to stop you from doing those things you intellectually know you shouldn't but feel powerless to stop.

you are not powerless to bad habits...

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The best version of you

Refuel Your tank

running on empty should only be a jackson browne song, not your day-t0-day state of being

In this workshop, we'll talk about our constant state of depletion, why we get there and why it's so important to stop letting our tanks go dry. 

More importantly, we'll talk about how daily and weekly rituals can help you feel more energized and ensure that you are getting to do the things that you need to do for yourself.

Isn't it time to care for yourself as much as you care for others?

What are rituals and ideas for adding them to your life.

How rituals add structure to your life and revitalize your energy.

Why you really can stick to them by flipping the narrative. (PS strategies from The Best Version Of You really help!)

how to take time for yourself...

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Refuel your tank