Woman Goes Out In Public Without Makeup

Big whoop

Last week, Pamela Anderson attended Paris Fashion Week. That’s all I know about Fashion Week. That’s one more thing than I wanted to know about fashion week.

OMG the onslaught of social media chatter that ensued was disheartening. Former supermodel Paulina Porizkov posted about it on her instagram. Her caption starts off with “this is what self acceptance looks like.” Umm, excuse me? I follow Paulina and I’m certain her intention was kind and loving, but the caption took me aback – not because of what she said, but because I understood exactly what she meant. We should both be ashamed.

I don’t think Pamela was running late for the event, so that in her haste she started to do her hair and makeup and then just said, “ahh fuck it, I’m late. What you see is what you get.” I actually think Pamela is wearing makeup and that her look was intentional as any of us walking out the door to go somewhere more interesting than the supermarket. I think people freaked out not because Pamela “isn’t wearing makeup”, but because Pamela decided not to wear the costume we’re accustomed to seeing her in.

Dear, dear Pamela, you’re not living up to the public’s expectation of you. You’re just rocking you – a person most of us don’t know and are not entitled to the privilege of knowing.

If we hadn’t watched her sex tape, maybe the conversation would be about how she was glowing, not about the quantity of makeup or speculation about botox and facelifts. 3,299 comments were left on Paulina’s post about Pamela. The mean spirited banter between women supporting, not supporting, judging, excusing, celebrating was sad. Any support felt like backhanded compliments. The criticism rivaled any middle school mean girl gang.

Do you want to talk about how people look? Or are there other things you’d rather know about?

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