Re•Invented: Pam Sherman, The Perfect Balance

Episode 74 LINKS IN EPISODEPam’s WebsitePam’s Instagram Hello friends and welcome to The Midlife. My guest today is Pam Sherman, founder of The Perfect Balance. She is a certified fitness trainer and instructor since 1997, author, media contributor, and motivational speaker. If you’ve been listening to this podcast for a while, you know how I

Sara Arnell, Author

Kimberly chats with Sara Arnell, author of There Will Be Lobster: Memoir Of A Midlife Crisis.

Re•Invented: Randi Rubenstein, Parenting Coach

In today’s Re•Invented segment, Kimberly chats with parenting coach Randi Rubenstein. Kimberly and Randi talk about many stages of parenting but focus on the transitions in parenting approach as your children grow older and how different our parenting style is from our parents’ generation.

Re•Invented: Laurie Hermance-Moore

LINKS IN EPISODE:4 Ways To Build Your Family Legacy: Hello friends and welcome to The Midlife.  Today is a Re•Invented Episode and my guest is Laurie Hermance-Moore.  Laurie’s current career is as an accredited genealogist but trust me when I tell you that she is so much more than 23 and Me. Laurie is

RE•INVENTED: Lauryn Bryght

Today is a Re•Invented episode and Kimberly’s guest is Lauryn Bryght. Lauren is a Certified Health Coach & Diabetes Prevention Influencer. But don’t tune out if you’re not a diabetic or pre-diabetic. Lauryn is someone you want to know.

Re•Invented: Jeannie Ralston, Next Tribe

Today’s Re•Invented guest is Jeannie Ralston. Jeannie is an author and journalist and now founder of Next Tribe, an online community and magazine with a mission to help us age boldly.

Re•Invented: Jennifer Levinson, Inventor

Jennifer Levinson, founder of Jen’s List, is innovating again. This time it’s with the Sofa Stud. Hear about her incredible new product; every couch needs one. But it took us a while to get there because Jen has a fascinating story. You’ll recognize lots of common themes in Jen’s arc from mom to midlife entrepreneur.

RE•INVENTED: Maryon Stewart, Author

Kimberly’s guest today is Maryon Stewart. Maryon has written Manage Your Menopause Naturally: The 6 Week Guide To Calming Hot Flashes And Nightsweats, Getting Your Sex Drive Back, Sharpening Memory And Reclaiming Well-Being. This is her 28th book. She is a world-renowned healthcare expert having helped tens of thousands of women around the world overcome PMS and menopause symptoms without using drugs or hormones. In 2018 she was awarded the British Empire Medal and was recognized as one of the 50 most inspirational women by the Daily Mail.

If you are a woman over 40, and I know you are because why else would you be here, you need Maryon’s book. It is a comprehensive approach to the inevitable.