What You See Is What You Get

It happens to everyone – you hit a slump and you have to get back on track. Kimby’s mojo’s been missing. We talk about it.

Illegal Dumping

How do we use our friends?

Are our safe places for gossip and gang up energy or do we use them to be vulnerable to show in ways where we can grow and push each other to be better?

Should we let our people wallow? Or do we jump in and have the hard talks with love?

Vent? Or Advice? How do we show up for each other and how do we want to show up for others and have them show up for us?

Birthday Etiquette: It’s A Thing

Yes, it’s the thought that counts, but what is the thought? Does a post of Facebook have the same thoughtfulness as a call? Is a direct text more intimate than a declaration on social media? Is a voice memo more personal than a text? Has all of this social media made a hierarchy of degrees of intimacy in your relationships?

Midlife Friendship: It’s Complicated

Kimby and Tracy discuss friendship, being a good girlfriend, how some relationships get the chance to evolve over a lifetime, and some are dumped, we mean freed.