Good Grief

We start off with another episode of “why are we late to recording?”
Today we discuss the layers of grieving. And yes Tracy cries a lot while sharing which layer she is in with her Dad’s passing. Kimby talks about her Mother-In-Laws’ passing, and the gifts she got from her.

It’s Not Giving Up. It’s A Pivot.

Tracy is adjusting to her new home and can’t remember her new hiding places. Do you know where she put the Advent Calendar? Kimby and Tracy talk about what to do when you meet a challenge and if you make a new plan, is it giving up or just a pivot? Depends.

Breaking The Chains Of Worry And Survival Mode

If you have kids away at college, you’ll commiserate with Kimby’s backwards assessment of risk when it comes to her sons. Tracy and Kimby also discuss the reaction to a popular post on their instagram reminded all you Midlifers to drop your shoulders, unclench your jaws, and breathe. Tracy shares a little inside information on a breathing cheat code.

The 1st Thanksgiving After Loss

Kimby and Tracy discuss honoring loved ones that have passed, family traditions, and if our generation is getting squeezed out of making new ones.

Bobbi Rebell: Launching Financial Grownups

Kimberly and Tracy talk to Bobbi Rebell about her new book Launching Financial Grownups.  Launching Financial Grownups is a call to action for parents of teenagers and young adults who want the best for their kids, but are beginning to realize their OWN financial independence, and financial separation from their children, has to become a priority as well.

In Defense Of Midlife Marriage

Join Kimberly and Tracy as they explore a message being communicated to women that they can only find true empowerment in divorce.

Teach Your Children Well

There comes a point in parenting when you have to flip a switch in your approach. When you stop raising children and you start raising adults. It’s time to drop the facade and start sharing with your late teen/early adult children more of the human experience. There is huge benefit to them, and to you, to show not only the highlight reel of your life that they are probably already familiar with, but to start exposing some of the challenges you face, some of the regrets you may have, and some life lessons that you’d like them to internalize earlier than you did.


Kimberly’s 9 year old son has been dying to get on the podcast. Hear what he thinks happens on the podcast and his thoughts on the true source of happiness. Hint: this kid has it all figured out and serves up the reminder we all need.

Aging Parents

When our parents start facing the challenges of getting older, we rise to the occasion. But in what form will that assistance take place, what are the financial concerns and how will your life be impacted?

A lot of the information out there right now may be geared to our age group but it’s as if your mother is whispering in the ear of the author. All the advice seemingly geared to you is really in the interest of your parents. Instead, Kimberly takes a fresh, and honest, and yeah maybe even selfish look at the stresses caring for aging parents places on us in Midlife. Don’t send a link of this episode to your mother.