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I often ask my clients to think about themselves at 80 years old. When you look back, will you have regrets?
If your answer is yes, now is the right time to change course.

You have a lifetime of skills and experience. You may not even see your own value.
You probably have dreams delayed or denied. Or maybe you ready to create some new ones.


I'm so happy you found me and The Midlife. 
Let's create a life your 80 year old self will be proud of.

it's not too late &
you are not too old.

Are you aching for a breakthrough, a change to your everyday life?

You have an idea for a great business. Or maybe you've actually taken the plunge but you need guidance on how to get to the next level. Let's do this right and grow strategically and methodically with a focused plan.  


You've put 20+ years in the same industry and there's no further to go. You topped out of promotions and/or salary. Or maybe you just dread going to work but you're imprisoned by the money. There's a better use for your skills. Let's find it.


You focused on being a mom. It feels like you gave your best years to your family. You may even be divorcing from a long-term marriage. Now there's plenty of time to fill, but how do you figure out what to do and how to move forward? Let's make a plan.


whom do i serve?

"kimberly discusses so many topics that are important to women like myself in that precarious in-between phase of life. I admire her straightforwardness and her relatability ."

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A concrete plan complete with an actionable strategy to implement a more fulfilling life.

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24 Modules, Videos and Workbook

Unique Proprietary Tools, Clearly Explained

Learn how to manage the "have-to's" in your life that stop you from having time to pursue your "want-to's"

Figure out what's truly important TO YOU and ways you can improve those areas of your life.

Not sure if you want to change careers, go back to work or be an entrepreneur? Determine your true desires.


A Transformational, self-paced course

Midlife Re•imagined, Design YOur next best chapter

I've personally sat on every side of the table. I've financed businesses as a banker, I've grown a mature family business to the next level and I've bootstrapped my own start-up. Let me share my expertise and skills to save you time.


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30 MINUTE FREE SESSION to discuss your idea or current business

WE'LL TALK ABOUT where I can add value and if we're a good fit.

YOU'LL LEAVE with at least one good idea whether we decide to work together or not.

NO STRINGS ATTACHED and no pressure selling. I'm here when you're ready.

You need a mentor, not another
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We'll Address Product, Marketing & Technology

A Personalized Action Plan Focused On Making You $$$


1:1 Coaching for the new or established entrepreneur

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