In Defense Of Midlife Marriage

Episode 85

Join Kimberly and Tracy as they explore a message being communicated to women that they can only find true empowerment in divorce.

What is this new mindfuck? We’ve gone from “you can have it all” to “burn the place down” in order to find true freedom, control and power. Well we’re calling bullshit on this dangerous message. Before you drink the cool-aid, come hang out with us. We believe partnership and love can co-exist, and even embolden your sense of empowerment.

We’re not blind to the fact that Midlife Marriage is not easy. Staying in love, or even in like, with someone you’ve been cohabitating with for 20+ years is certainly an exercise in compassion and grace. We think it’s worth it and that Midlife Marriages can even be rejuvenated. Just like your botox-ed forehead.

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