Groundhog Day

Does this happen to you ever? Someone asks you what you did today and you don’t have an answer. The entire day flew by and you feel like you truly feel like you have nothing to show for it. And don’t you just want to punch the person asking?

Your Untapped Potential

One of the issues that seems to hit a nerve with so many women in Midlife is how the root cause of your discontent right now is feeling badly about your untapped, unused and ignored potential.

Teach Your Children Well

There comes a point in parenting when you have to flip a switch in your approach. When you stop raising children and you start raising adults. It’s time to drop the facade and start sharing with your late teen/early adult children more of the human experience. There is huge benefit to them, and to you, to show not only the highlight reel of your life that they are probably already familiar with, but to start exposing some of the challenges you face, some of the regrets you may have, and some life lessons that you’d like them to internalize earlier than you did.

Is It A Midlife Crisis?

Bored, angry, sad, drifting and over 40? Let’s explore the seeds of Midlife Crisis and the research assuring you it’s real and that you’re not alone.