Sherri Holzer, An Exodus: how to pack up and move out of state

Episode 73

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Hello friends and welcome to The Midlife. Have you fantasized about packing it all up and moving somewhere completely different or do your retirement plans include a quieter life in quieter town, then you’ll really enjoy my conversation today with Sherri Holzer. Sherri is an entrepreneur, a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and the talent behind Simply Sherri, her company that brings culinary experiences to you, whether in your home kitchen or as a team building event for your business. We talk about the big move and her growing midlife business. Here’s Sherri.


I encourage you to go check out sherri’s website, especially if you’re bored of your own cooking. She has amazing recipes and programs to share. Be sure to grab her free download 5 Meals, one sheet, no hassle. The dishes are delicious. And if you want to do something special for friends or employees, do reach out to Sherri to let her help you plan an unforgettable experience.

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