RE•INVENTED: Lauryn Bryght

Episode 58


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Hello friends and welcome to The Midlife. Today is a Re•Invented episode and my guest is my Lauryn Bryght. Lauren is a  Certified Health Coach & Diabetes Prevention Influencer. But don’t tune out if you’re not a diabetic or pre-diabetic. Lauryn is someone you want to know. 

Before we get to Lauryn, just a little housekeeping. If you’re struggling wondering what you want to be doing with this next chapter of your life, come hang out with me at a free workshop I’m presenting called What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up: Midlife Edition. I’ll be sharing with you my framework and process for helping women get unstuck and start crafting a second half they love. You can head to my website and click on Free Workshops to register or there’s a link in the shownotes. I’d love to see you there.

Now back to Lauryn. I tend to stay far away from the diet/health coaching world because I think it’s a huge crock of shit that does women a tremendous disservice. So know that if I’m having Lauryn here today, it’s because she’s unique in her approach and perspective. 

Having gone on her own weight loss journey of almost 100 pounds and watching her father suffer with diabetes, Lauryn has relevant life experience to share but in the most fun and entertaining way. 

Lauryn and I became friends in an entrepreneur’s group we belong to so I’ve had a front row seat to watch how she’s truly helping people live a healthier life. 

Here’s my chat with Lauryn Bryght.


Even if you’re not on a weight loss or disease prevention and management journey, Lauryn has great tips, is hugely entertaining on her social media and her meal planning can help all of us out. All of her links are in the show notes.

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