Re•Invented: Jennifer Levinson, Inventor

Episode 49

Go buy Jen’s product:
Help fund Jen’s Kickstarter Campaign for her next Sofa Stud product for your mug!

Hello friends and welcome to The Midlife. Today is a Re•Invented episode and my guest is Jennifer Levinson. I brought Jen on The Midlife to talk about her amazing invention the Sofa Stud but it took us a while to get there because Jen has a fascinating story and this isn’t the first time she’s been an innovator. 

As this episode is posting, Jen is in the middle of a kickstarter drive for the second product in her Sofa Stud line. I’ll let her explain what exactly a Sofa Stud is but I ask you after you listen, to please go check out her kickstarter campaign and consider supporting this incredible midlife inventor. The link is in the shownotes and in my social media posts.

I know you’ll be inspired by her resilience, creativity and drive so here’s my conversation with Jennifer Levinson.


Don’t forget to go check out Jen’s sofa stud at sofa and also, please consider supporting her kickstarter campaign for a sofa stud that holds your mug.

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