Re•Invented: Jeannie Ralston, Next Tribe

Episode 53

Midlife Summer Reset: CLICK HERE

Jeannie’s Books:
The Mother of All Field Trips: Homeschooling Two Kids in 14 Countries: CLICK HERE
The Unlikely Lavender Queen: A Memoir of Unexpected Blossoming: CLICK HERE

Hello friends and welcome to The Midlife. Today is a reinvented episode but before we get to my fun, funny and super interesting guest, a little housekeeping. 

I wanted to invite you to a special series of workshops that are starting next week June 2nd called Midlife Summer Reset. I put together this 6 week series together to help you, well, kinda get your shit together in a fast and fun way. I figured with the pandemic restrictions ending everywhere and summer around the corner, now was a time when you might feel optimistic about building a foundation to feel better and bring a little joy and happiness into your life. 

Here’s the deal, a weekly hour long call via zoom that will probably feel a lot like a front row seat to a podcast episode except it will be interactive where you can do the work directly with me and ask questions. I’ll be sending you a workbook every week for the topic. I don’t expect those worksheets to take a ton of time and you may just use them for reference and get more out of the live sessions anyway. 

I’m going to create a pop-up facebook group for the 6 weeks where you can feel part of the community going through the same process you are and I’ll be in there to offer any additional support throughout the week if you have questions.

Sound good? There’s a link in the show notes to learn all the details of the individual weeks. Or you can head to my instagram profile to find the link as well.

I know it may be a busy time now but honestly, isn’t it always a busy time? This isn’t  a huge time commitment so I’d encourage you to stop putting yourself on hold. The other stuff never stops anyway. 

I really hope to see you next week.

Now for today’s Re•Invented guest. Jeannie Ralston is an author of two books, The Mother of All Field Trips which chronicles her family’s adventure when they pulled two middle schoolers out of traditional school and decided to travel, and The Unlikely Lavendar Queen, A Memoir of Unexpected Blooming, about her experiences running a lavender farm in the Texas. Jeannie is also a journalist, and now spends her time as founder and editor of Next Tribe, a community and online magazine. Jeannie’s mission is to help us all age boldly so you can see why I felt The Midlife community would be well aligned with Next Tribe. 

You’ll hear Jeannie mention a program Next Tribe was sponsoring for entrepreneurs in Midlife. Since our interview, the program has been postponed but that is just an example of the interesting opportunities Jeannie brings to her community and I’m sure it will be back around. In the meantime, no matter if you’re an entrepreneur or not, I highly suggest jumping on her email list because she truly has something for everyone.

So without further ado, here’s Jeannine Ralston.

[INTERVIEW, No transcript]

Jeannie’s spark is evident in everything Next Tribe does. I hope you’ll check out her community. I’ve put the links to Next Tribe and to Jeannie’s two books in the show notes. And don’t forget about Midlife Summer Reset. If you’re ready to hit the reset button and take control of key areas of your life fast, I hope you’ll enroll in my 6 week workshop series and that I’ll see you next week.

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