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I'm Kimberly Samson

Hey there!

Life doesn't go according to plan. (spoiler alert: it's better that way!)

if there's one thing I know for sure...

I've helped countless women move from Crisis to Transformation. Are you ready to make your own Midlife Transformation?

I looked for a program or advice that would move me forward. I found lots of woo but no actionable plan to follow. So I created my own.

I designed my systems to get my own sh*% together. And in doing so, found the intersection of my passion and my skillset.

My resume says I spent my professional career advising people how to build their businesses, invest their money and transfer generational wealth. Money was just the backdrop. I really was advising them on their family relationships, personal and professional goals.

Now I take all my financial education and life experience and use it to help you build your next best chapter and thrive.

Whether it's taking your existing business to the next level, finally satisfying your inner entrepreneur and starting something new or rediscovering and redefining YOU at your core, I deliver highly actionable steps to help you live this beautiful gift of life to its fullest.

I followed “The Plan”; get married, give up big career, have babies, stay home to raise them. Make their lives perfect and by the transitive property, your life will be perfect too. 

Record screech...

For a long time, I lamented at all the “curveballs”; job changes, interstate moves, a surprise baby at 40.

I also had the perfect storm of a child leaving for college, one gearing up to apply to college, (but remember that surprise baby?)…still a 7 year old at home.

And so, The Midlife started as a project…for me.

I embodied my perfect client; smart, motivated, creative, stifled, bored, depressed, unfocused and drifting. I was desperately searching for me. I was having the quintessential midlife crisis.

I plodded through, heavily considering who and what I wanted to be when I “grew up” and how to do that without compromising my family. 

Helping people SEE all that's possible for them, even when they can't see it for themselves...yet

Hosting a top-charting PODCAST for women.

My sense of HUMOR. I like to lighten the mood and put you at ease. Life is supposed to be fun!

Being super DIRECT and to the point. But always from a place of love and compassion.

What I’m known for:

— mae west

"you only live once. but if you do it right, once is enough."

words i live by


I get to coach women all over the world and show them how to be the best version of themselves. 


Midlife Crisis is real. I'm not the only one.
The Midlife is born!


Life on the outside does not match what life feels like on the inside.


Gave up the "perfect" job, big $, and tons of prestige to stay home with babies.


Married "the boy next door" but we had never met.


Graduated college & moved back to LA. Dumb.


Found my way to The University of Texas and found my people.


Born & raised in Los Angeles. Don't hold it against me.

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I live in Los Angeles with my super encouraging and forgiving husband who believes in all my ideas even when I don't.

We have 3 sons who thankfully never got the memo that kids are supposed to be difficult, and 1 Vizsla that must have eaten that memo.


I have a snarky blog I write to amuse myself and my friends called Kimby Not Kim. If you are easily offended by strong opinions and language that would make a sailor blush, please don’t check it out.


I love to ski. I also have lots of extracurriculars like running, riding horses, and unsuccessfully attempting to grow a seasonal vegetable garden.


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