November 2021

Dry Together

Kimberly’s guests today are Holly and Megan, founders of Dry Together. Dry Together hosts community events and conversation for midlife moms, where coping and connection don’t revolve around alcohol.

This was a very honest chat about the role of alcohol in women’s lives as both anesthesia and social construct.

Tracy Gold, The Resilient Entrepreneur

Kimberly’s guest today is Tracy Gold. Tracy has the fierce spirit of an entrepreneur never willing to give up, even when the COVID shutdowns caused her to lose a lucrative deal with one of America’s biggest singing sensations. Tracy discusses her business evolution, her dress design and media business, and the challenges many women in business face of charging what they’re worth.

Re•Invented: Pam Sherman, The Perfect Balance

Episode 74 LINKS IN EPISODEPam’s WebsitePam’s Instagram Hello friends and welcome to The Midlife. My guest today is Pam Sherman, founder of The Perfect Balance. She is a certified fitness trainer and instructor since 1997, author, media contributor, and motivational speaker. If you’ve been listening to this podcast for a while, you know how I