May 2021

Re•Invented: Jeannie Ralston, Next Tribe

Today’s Re•Invented guest is Jeannie Ralston. Jeannie is an author and journalist and now founder of Next Tribe, an online community and magazine with a mission to help us age boldly.

You Oughta Be In Pictures

Do you jump out of the way when someone grabs their camera? Then this episode is for you. Kimberly breaks down why we hate being in pictures but why it’s time to put ourselves smack dab in the middle of the frame. She also shares with you shedding some of her own insecurities courtesy of her most recent marketing photo shoot; something she was truly dreading. Find out why.

Feeling Successful In Midlife

If you wake up everyday asking yourself is this all there is and not feeling successful, you are not alone. But this wake up call in Midlife is the biggest gift if only you will answer. Kimberly asks you to stop thinking of success as a sweeping single analysis of your life and advocate unpacking individual categories that make up every facet of your human experience.

Thoughts On A Midlife Divorce (yes, THAT one)

This week’s episode was supposed to be about the #1 Midlife Marriage Myth. And we get there. But not before discussing news of a very high profile divorce after 27 years of marriage. Yes, THAT one.