April 2021

Re•Invented: Jennifer Levinson, Inventor

Jennifer Levinson, founder of Jen’s List, is innovating again. This time it’s with the Sofa Stud. Hear about her incredible new product; every couch needs one. But it took us a while to get there because Jen has a fascinating story. You’ll recognize lots of common themes in Jen’s arc from mom to midlife entrepreneur.

The BrainShape Podcast: Kimberly’s Interview

A few weeks ago, Kimberly was asked to join Dr. Andrea Wilkinson on The Brainshape Podcast. Dr. Wilkinson has a PhD in Psychology with a specialization in Cognitive Aging. She has been studying brain fitness and cognitive maintenance for over 15 years. She co-founded BrainShape™ in 2014 – an online community for adults who want to enhance their mental & physical vibrancy as they age.

What Kimberly teaches you in practice, Andrea backs up with science.

Sticking Up For Yourself

Kimberly had a little, let’s say “scuffle” at the little league park. You’ll want to hear what happened and how Kimberly uses it to point out how and why our preprogramming stops us from sticking up for ourselves.

Midlife is the time to find your voice. Kimberly empowers you to stop walking away wishing you would have said something but also points out the best way to be sure you’re heard.

Aging Parents

When our parents start facing the challenges of getting older, we rise to the occasion. But in what form will that assistance take place, what are the financial concerns and how will your life be impacted?

A lot of the information out there right now may be geared to our age group but it’s as if your mother is whispering in the ear of the author. All the advice seemingly geared to you is really in the interest of your parents. Instead, Kimberly takes a fresh, and honest, and yeah maybe even selfish look at the stresses caring for aging parents places on us in Midlife. Don’t send a link of this episode to your mother.