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Midlife Hair Care Secrets: Tracy’s Top Natural Products for Gorgeous, Frizz-Free Locks!

Hey, my beautiful girlfriends! I’ve gotta spill some hot tea today. You see, in this thrilling journey through midlife, my hair decided to throw a little tantrum, becoming a bit thinner and quite a bit more coarse. But, oh honey, I wasn’t about to let that slide. I’ve found myself a lineup of haircare products […]

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Best Hair Care Products for Midlife Women: Kimby’s Top Picks Revealed!

Hey there, fabulous ladies! Today, we’re serving you some sizzling haircare secrets straight from our no-nonsense, gorgeous co-host, Kimby. It’s a raw and unfiltered spill-the-tea session on how to keep your locks looking as fabulous as you are, especially during these vibrant midlife years. Grab that glass of wine because Kimby is about to share […]

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Strengthening Your Bond with Adult Children: Tips for a Meaningful Connection

parenting adult children

Discover effective strategies for maintaining a close relationship with your adult children while respecting their independence and boundaries. Learn how to communicate openly, find common interests, and offer support. Plus, explore tips for making time, handling challenges, and building a lasting bond. Start building a meaningful and fulfilling relationship with your adult children today.

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The Galveston Diet: Can It Help Midlife Women Shed Pounds?

Are you a woman in midlife struggling to lose weight? If so, you may have heard about the Galveston Diet, a weight loss program designed specifically for women experiencing menopause. Created by Dr. Mary Claire Haver, an OB-GYN, this diet focuses on food quality and nutrient timing to help women lose weight.

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Understanding Macros: Best Trackers & Getting Started Guide

If you are looking to improve your overall health and wellness, understanding macros is key. Macros are the building blocks of the human diet, providing the essential nutrients our bodies require to function properly. Here are some resources to get started with tracking your macros.

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Best Budget Hyaluronic Acid and Retinol Serums for Youthful and Glowing Skin for Women Over 40

Hyaluronic acid and retinol are two of the most popular and powerful skincare ingredients to repair skin for women over 40. Consistent use will reveal youthful, glowing skin, and help reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Here are our favorite, affordable, picks.

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Do You Still Need a Pap Test After Menopause? Explained

One question many women have during menopause is whether they still need to undergo a Pap test. This article lays out the current guidelines for women to have a pap test at different ages.

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Romy Raves Beauty Roundup

Romy Schorr was our guest co-host on The Midlife Podcast. She shared some of her personal favorite beauty products. Romy Schorr is the OG influencer bringing beauty, fashion, and travel tips to her dedicated audience of Midlifers, what we like to call MLFers.

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Easy White Bean Chicken Chili Recipe

A hearty and healthy version of the old comforting staple, this easy to make white bean chicken chili recipe takes 25 minutes to prep and 30 minutes to cook. Make extra and enjoy it as a healthy lunch or easy go to dinner for the week!

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What Hormones To Test For In Menopause – A Personal Journey

Are you reaching menopause? Check your hormone levels. But with so many hormones to test for, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the hormones to test for during menopause and share a personal journey of hormone testing and what to do about it.

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Get Off Their Lawn: A Guide To Your Ten Acres

Your job is to stay on your ten acres and stay off of other people’s ten acres.

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Birthday Etiquette: It’s A Thing

Yes, it’s the thought that counts, but what is the thought? Does a post of Facebook have the same thoughtfulness as a call? Is a direct text more intimate than a declaration on social media? Is a voice memo more personal than a text? Has all of this social media made a hierarchy of degrees of intimacy in your relationships?

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I Had A (Bad) Dream

I had a dream last night. It wasn’t a grand vision for world peace and community.

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The Internet Has Killed Common Decency

In the first four days of the new year, I’ve had two online experiences that really make me question if there’s any way to accelerate the next life extinguishing comet so Earth can start over. Human beings have lost all sense of decency and decorum, and well, just common courtesy.

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A Guide To Laser Skin Resurfacing And Other Laser-esque Anti Aging Treatments

Anti aging, pro aging, whatever you want to call it, by the time you reach your 40’s and beyond, you’re looking to turn back the clock. Here’s a guide to anti-aging lasers.

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Reindeer Games: The Key To A Happy Midlife Marriage

Feeling stuck in your long-term marriage? Here’s a simple recommendation to quick start your Midlife Marriage recovery.

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We Don’t Talk Anymore

“It’s so nice that we can sit here in silence”… is bullshit.

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Picture yourself five years from now. What’s different? If your answer is “nothing”, it’s time to make changes.

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Thicker Skin Is For Lizards

Some people can’t wait to get older because they think they’ll have thicker skin. Maybe the greatest success of getting older is that you care more; for the right people and the right things.

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Other People’s Sh…

How do you take care of the demands from other’s but still carve out time for yourself without being resentful.

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Kimberly discusses one of the greatest impediments to your happiness and success. You. And your self-sabotage.

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Groundhog Day

Does this happen to you ever? Someone asks you what you did today and you don’t have an answer. The entire day flew by and you feel like you truly feel like you have nothing to show for it. And don’t you just want to punch the person asking?

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Your Untapped Potential

One of the issues that seems to hit a nerve with so many women in Midlife is how the root cause of your discontent right now is feeling badly about your untapped, unused and ignored potential.

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Teach Your Children Well

There comes a point in parenting when you have to flip a switch in your approach. When you stop raising children and you start raising adults. It’s time to drop the facade and start sharing with your late teen/early adult children more of the human experience. There is huge benefit to them, and to you, to show not only the highlight reel of your life that they are probably already familiar with, but to start exposing some of the challenges you face, some of the regrets you may have, and some life lessons that you’d like them to internalize earlier than you did.

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Is It A Midlife Crisis?

Bored, angry, sad, drifting and over 40? Let’s explore the seeds of Midlife Crisis and the research assuring you it’s real and that you’re not alone.

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Tracy’s Must-Haves to Combat Back-to-School Germs

Oh, how we’ve missed the bustling energy of the “back to school” season – the fresh starts, the organizing, and of course, the reconnecting with friends and peers. But as we all know, this season also brings with it a wave of germs that seem to knock families down left and right. Luckily, your girl […]

It’s Raining Inside Tracy’s House And No That’s Not A Metaphor

Kimby’s computer wont start and ALL of the thoughts start spinning. The problem? Let’s just say there’s a reoccurring issue with Kimby’s technology… Also it’s raining inside of Tracy’s house. Just another day in The Midlife.

Finding Safe Harbor

Sharing what we need and being vulnerable is important to having a healthy relationship. Also knowing that not all people are safe and therefore not the right place to share your vulnerability. Tracy and Kimby discussing it all and unsurprisingly, it all comes back to understanding what’s “My Ten Acre

We’re Trying The Tracy Anderson Method – Here’s How It’s Going

Why we are late to recording this morning plus our foray into The Tracy Anderson Method. We are not affiliated. Just an honest accounting…

What You See Is What You Get

It happens to everyone – you hit a slump and you have to get back on track. Kimby’s mojo’s been missing. We talk about it.

How To Get Your Groove Back

It happens to everyone – you hit a slump and you have to get back on track. Kimby’s mojo’s been missing. We talk about it.

Yael Rallis: Rockstar Drummer Then, Now, & Always

We have a special guest… Yael Rallis joins us to talk about The Midlife and her journey in it. Yael never stopped living her dream. She is an uber talented rock drummer who has toured the world and had endless creative endeavors. Yael was true to her path and calling but talks us through her world and validates how yes, we all end up in The Midlife.

Good Grief

We start off with another episode of “why are we late to recording?”
Today we discuss the layers of grieving. And yes Tracy cries a lot while sharing which layer she is in with her Dad’s passing. Kimby talks about her Mother-In-Laws’ passing, and the gifts she got from her.

Carry Your Own Baggage

We are getting DEEP today. Let’s talk about the hard relationships. Do you have a relationship in which someone hands you 50 lbs of bad energy and you carry it? Tracy has found herself in one of these and is playing with not grabbing the energy being passed her way. One sided relationships feel heavy, but is the fear of loosing the relationship worse than the need to be the person you want to be today?

Learn To Value The Pause

Kimby is in a slump, Tracy is on an upswing (so annoying but also good when you are in a partnership- one up and one down makes for a good relationship).

A lot of time we need to blow the whistle for ourselves, but do we ? Or do we let it all continue to pile up until we are underneath it all?

Happy Hour LIVE! – Pamela Anderson Documentary Discussion

Pamela Anderson is the Midlife example we all need. Really. Have a listen as we discuss her Netflix documentary. Throw out what you think you know of the pinup image. This very real woman has got serious grit.


This episode was posted out of sequence to tackle a current event.

Illegal Dumping

How do we use our friends?

Are our safe places for gossip and gang up energy or do we use them to be vulnerable to show in ways where we can grow and push each other to be better?

Should we let our people wallow? Or do we jump in and have the hard talks with love?

Vent? Or Advice? How do we show up for each other and how do we want to show up for others and have them show up for us?

Happy Hour LIVE! – What Hormones We’ve Checked & What We’re Doing About It

We shared what’s working for us and answered AWESOME questions from the audience. If you want to in our audience on Wednesday Happy Hours, go to themidlife.co/happy-hour

Happy Un-Birthday

In recording land it’s really Kimby’s birthday (in the real world her day in Jan 10) and it’s a doozy. The old pictures came flying in – do we like seeing old pictures of us on our birthday in midlife? Or do we hate it? Tracy is having a life lesson learning moment… you know those? Where you feel like you might disappoint a whole bunch of people? Are you expecting 100% satisfaction guaranteed? For you to be unflawed ? Hear Tracy’s human experience.

You Are The Matrix

You have the power to set the energy of any situation. We’ll show you how. You are the matrix.

Happy Hour LIVE – Parenting Children & Re-Parenting Yourself

Parenting expert and coach Randi Rubenstein joined us today to talk all things parenting. And in Midlife, that really means applying all the “reparenting” you’ve been doing of yourself to ALL relationships – humans smaller and larger than you, those birthed from your loins…or not.

Money – shhhhhh!

Many of us got the message that is was not polite to discuss money. We think that does all of us a huge disservice

Gold Star For Tracy: A Reward System

How do you show up when you give yourself a reward? And how do you show up for yourself when it all falls apart?

Happy Hour LIVE! – Relationships

We’re live every Wednesday and you can join the audience. Register at https://themidlife.co/happy-hour to get the weekly link. We can’t wait to chat!

People Are Crazy

Kimby is shook. It’s a story. Listen and shoot her an email of support.

All Roads Lead To Reinvention

No matter what paths you took to get here, we all get to midlife together. No paths are better than others, there is no one right way to do life but here we are. No matter how you got here it’s the era of re-invention.

Happy Hour LIVE – I’m A F$%&ing Delight

Well today was more regular episode than LIVE as no one was brave enough to jump on…yet. We’ll be here every Wednesday and look forward to having YOU on whenever you get comfortable. If you need the link, go to https://themidlife.co/happy-hour and register.

My Ten Acres

“My Ten Acres” is one of Tracy’s favorite phrases. We thought it might be a good idea to dig down into exactly what it is and what it means to each of us. The irony, Kimby knows exactly what Tracy means by it, but in practice, she hasn’t fully embraced it. Come hear why and […]

You’re Right

Maybe it’s painful to realize how much influence your thoughts have over the outcomes in your life. But also, can you see how incredibly powerful you are?

Happy Hour LIVE 1/11/2023

It was an experiment! And we’re taking the win. A few brave souls showed up to the audience and someone even jumped in with us. So fun! Will you come next week?

It’s Not My Birthday

Kimby and Tracy do dive in to how you give birthday wishes – who’s worthy of a text or call or who just gets the facebook hbd. They talk about how they celebrate and Tracy gives Kimby a challenge.



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