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Midlife Re•imagined, Design Your Next Best Chapter

Sad, bored, unmotivated, angry, drifting?
I built this course for you.
Midlife is full of change that can leave you questioning everything. This course, coupled with my coaching, and a community of like-minded woman facing the same challenges you are helps you answer the question "what's next?".

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If a structured program isn't what you're looking for, but you'd like to work directly with Kimberly, book a
Standalone Coaching Session.
Any challenge you are facing in Midlife is fair game for discussion and advice. Looking for a package of sessions? Email me first at

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Midlife Mogul
1:1 coaching

I offer private, personalized coaching to women who have a burning idea for a business or have an existing business they're ready to grow to the next level.
If you're tired of going it alone and wondering if you're doing it right, look no further. My professional expertise and personal entrepreneurial experience are available to you. No more cookie cutter advice. Your business is personal and deserves individualized, strategic advice.

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meet kimberly

I guide you in this transformation and do it whereby you don't leave scorched earth behind you. There is plenty of good in your life. Promise. I help you see what's worthwhile and build on it to live the life you truly deserve.

My style is very frank. I've been known to use colorful language so if you blush easily, I’m not your gal.

I am the founder of The Midlife community and host of the podcast The Midlife where I discuss all things affecting women after 40. 

Women struggling in midlife need to know this is a universal experience. I help you see this chapter as an opportunity for transformation, not crisis. It's a second adolescence to truly figure out who you are and what you want.

my mission is to help women create an amazing 2nd half

Hey, I'm Kinberly!

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Sad, bored, angry, drifting?
Today is the last day you have to feel that way.

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"If you want a civilized and human look at how to do the next chapter of your life, this is the spot. A gentle, yet intelligent way to figure out how you'll manage the next part of your life."