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Birthday Etiquette: It’s A Thing

Yes, it’s the thought that counts, but what is the thought? Does a post of Facebook have the same thoughtfulness as a call? Is a direct text more intimate than a declaration on social media? Is a voice memo more personal than a text? Has all of this social media made a hierarchy of degrees of intimacy in your relationships?

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I Had A (Bad) Dream

I had a dream last night. It wasn’t a grand vision for world peace and community.

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The Internet Has Killed Common Decency

In the first four days of the new year, I’ve had two online experiences that really make me question if there’s any way to accelerate the next life extinguishing comet so Earth can start over. Human beings have lost all sense of decency and decorum, and well, just common courtesy.

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A Guide To Laser Skin Resurfacing And Other Laser-esque Anti Aging Treatments

Anti aging, pro aging, whatever you want to call it, by the time you reach your 40’s and beyond, you’re looking to turn back the clock. Here’s a guide to anti-aging lasers.

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Reindeer Games: The Key To A Happy Midlife Marriage

Feeling stuck in your long-term marriage? Here’s a simple recommendation to quick start your Midlife Marriage recovery.

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We Don’t Talk Anymore

“It’s so nice that we can sit here in silence”… is bullshit.

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Picture yourself five years from now. What’s different? If your answer is “nothing”, it’s time to make changes.

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Thicker Skin Is For Lizards

Some people can’t wait to get older because they think they’ll have thicker skin. Maybe the greatest success of getting older is that you care more; for the right people and the right things.

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Other People’s Sh…

How do you take care of the demands from other’s but still carve out time for yourself without being resentful.

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Kimberly discusses one of the greatest impediments to your happiness and success. You. And your self-sabotage.

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Groundhog Day

Does this happen to you ever? Someone asks you what you did today and you don’t have an answer. The entire day flew by and you feel like you truly feel like you have nothing to show for it. And don’t you just want to punch the person asking?

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Your Untapped Potential

One of the issues that seems to hit a nerve with so many women in Midlife is how the root cause of your discontent right now is feeling badly about your untapped, unused and ignored potential.

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Teach Your Children Well

There comes a point in parenting when you have to flip a switch in your approach. When you stop raising children and you start raising adults. It’s time to drop the facade and start sharing with your late teen/early adult children more of the human experience. There is huge benefit to them, and to you, to show not only the highlight reel of your life that they are probably already familiar with, but to start exposing some of the challenges you face, some of the regrets you may have, and some life lessons that you’d like them to internalize earlier than you did.

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Is It A Midlife Crisis?

Bored, angry, sad, drifting and over 40? Let’s explore the seeds of Midlife Crisis and the research assuring you it’s real and that you’re not alone.

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People Are Crazy

Kimby is shook. It’s a story. Listen and shoot her an email of support.

All Roads Lead To Reinvention

No matter what paths you took to get here, we all get to midlife together. No paths are better than others, there is no one right way to do life but here we are. No matter how you got here it’s the era of re-invention.

Happy Hour LIVE – I’m A F$%&ing Delight

Well today was more regular episode than LIVE as no one was brave enough to jump on…yet. We’ll be here every Wednesday and look forward to having YOU on whenever you get comfortable. If you need the link, go to https://themidlife.co/happy-hour and register.

My Ten Acres

“My Ten Acres” is one of Tracy’s favorite phrases. We thought it might be a good idea to dig down into exactly what it is and what it means to each of us. The irony, Kimby knows exactly what Tracy means by it, but in practice, she hasn’t fully embraced it. Come hear why and […]

You’re Right

Maybe it’s painful to realize how much influence your thoughts have over the outcomes in your life. But also, can you see how incredibly powerful you are?

Happy Hour LIVE 1/11/2023

It was an experiment! And we’re taking the win. A few brave souls showed up to the audience and someone even jumped in with us. So fun! Will you come next week?

It’s Not My Birthday

Kimby and Tracy do dive in to how you give birthday wishes – who’s worthy of a text or call or who just gets the facebook hbd. They talk about how they celebrate and Tracy gives Kimby a challenge.

Where The F Are The Yams?

“Why we are late to recording” plus hairdresser loyalty, clearing out stagnant energy, and total resets. Kimby and Tracy also laugh about a major “midlife moment”. This one was a doozy. Listen. It’ll make you feel…better? Human? Less alone?

Take A Leap Of Fail

Can you believe in yourself before you can prove it? What if you take the leap and you fail? In this episode, Tracy and Kimby discuss another gift of the midlife… we have the capacity to continue learning – everything is a learning experience. They also discuss the concept of “self care” and what it takes to take care of yourself.

BONUS: Special Invitation Announcement!

Come hang out with us. In person. Starting January 11th. Head to https://themidlife.co/happy-hour to sign up to get the link.

Life: 50 Great/50 Suck

Today’s episode starts off by playing “Why are we late to recording today…” Friends, there’s a lot going on. Bottom line – there always is. Life is 50 great, 50 suck. Stick with us and we’ll show you how to maximize the 50 Great.

No Way Normal Is Normal

If this is normal, we don’t want to be normal. Tracy and Kimby pledged to keep you informed and share their journey on bio identical hormones. Kimby shares her freakout over reading the results of her bloodwork and NOT remembering what the doctor had said. How we need to break the stigmas about menopausal women, what help is available, and the truth that we don’t need to feel like sh*t.

When Your Cheese Gets Moved

There are A LOT of demands on our time. As women, we need to accept this probably isn’t going to change. Kimby and Tracy discuss how to maintain calm when OPS (other people’s sh*t) is taking you away from what you had planned to do. They also update hormone level testing progress and discuss how to graciously leave a social situation when you’re cooked. Yeah, somehow that flowed in 20 minutes.

Life As A Geometry Proof

This one ISN’T just for fellow math nerds. What if you started every day with a set of “givens” and didn’t need to keep reproving your worth to yourself or anyone else? Tracy and Kimby discuss your internal dialogue and make some suggestions for tweaks. They ponder what if you could get a transcript of your thoughts. Yikes! And they discuss why it’s so hard to accept assistance or compliments.

Unconditional Love…Until You Don’t Earn It

Kimby and Tracy discuss unconditional love and vulnerability. When you don’t have expectations on a relationship or person you can get a lot more out of a relationship, but is it unfair to expect other people to show up in the way you show up for others?

Labels Belong On Packages – Introvert, Schmintrovert

You may already be having a better day than Kimby -she aspirated on a Cerave bubble in the shower. In other topics, Tracy and Kimby discuss everything from matching your clothes to your mood to whether or not how you label yourself defines or limits you. Maybe it’s time to take a risk and go against type.

Flexible Is Not Weak

Recorded as Kimby and Tracy came out of the fog of mashed potatoes, Kimby declares her word for right now – flexible. And if this lover of structure can embrace mailability, you may want to have a listen.

This One Gets Judgey

Brain fog, to sex, to what is sexy. We move from hormones and the injustice of health insurance non-coverage of women’s issues to what you’re wearing and who you’re wearing it for. Just another day in the life of The Midlife.

Spill The Beans

We all need to be sharing the “secrets” to looking great. Today Kimby & Tracy delve into some of the things we’ve tried. And also we have a big talk about communication and shame. Yeah, we’re all over the place 🤣. Aren’t you?

Reset vs Resolution

The New Year is here and we don’t love the idea of resolutions. The start of a new year is a great time for reflection and reset, but not a time to lay a trap for yourself. Join us as we give you some other options for starting the year off right. By the way, you don’t have to reserve your dreaming and scheming to just when the calendar changes.

It’s Not Giving Up. It’s A Pivot.

Tracy is adjusting to her new home and can’t remember her new hiding places. Do you know where she put the Advent Calendar? Kimby and Tracy talk about what to do when you meet a challenge and if you make a new plan, is it giving up or just a pivot? Depends.

Breaking The Chains Of Worry And Survival Mode

If you have kids away at college, you’ll commiserate with Kimby’s backwards assessment of risk when it comes to her sons. Tracy and Kimby also discuss the reaction to a popular post on their instagram reminded all you Midlifers to drop your shoulders, unclench your jaws, and breathe. Tracy shares a little inside information on a breathing cheat code.


Tracy and Kimby start off playing “Why Were You Late To Recording Today”. Maybe Tracy shouldn’t have asked… it’s a bit TMI. But does spark the conversation about recovering from overindulging in holiday eating and a tool Kimby uses to help. We also talk about “mini wins” – yes, getting the laundry folded counts. Just another day chatting about everything…and nothing.

How To Stop Running Out Of Time

Kimby and Tracy discuss time, overwhelm, and how we bend time to our will. We talk about our personal recipes for planning and maybe you’ll adopt a nugget or two.

Do You Wear Underwear With PJs?

Sometimes we talk about the heavy, important stuff… aaannnnnd sometimes we don’t.

Ask For What You Want

Because when you don’t, you’re just planting the seeds for resentment.

The [ ]embers

Is it just us, or do the last few months of the year speed up?

…and other topics. You know how we roll.



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